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Drawer 24"W x 64.75" L x 14" T

Drawer 24"W x 64.75" L x 14" T

Drawer 24"W x 64.75" L x 14" T

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Tuffy Security Product’s Tactical Gear Security Drawers are the state of the art in secure gear storage and organization. These highly functional, highly secure, and fully customizable drawer units are precision crafted from 16 gauge steel in the USA.

The large drawers open smoothly on Tuffy’s exclusive slide system incorporating (8) heavy duty precision stainless steel roller bearings. They can be securely locked with Tuffy’s patented locking system to provide protection for tactical equipment and other valuables. In addition, Tuffy’s superior design and engineering results in a drawer that is typically lighter weight than others on the market.

Each drawer features Tuffy’s patented Pry-Guard II locking system which incorporates a 1/4” thick steel security latch with a pushbutton combo and keyed override. Unlike other cabinet type drawers on the market that use retrofitted cabinet or house locks, the Tuffy drawer incorporates a patented pushbutton latching mechanism similar to typical OEM automotive door latches for security and to prevent rattles and squeaking. This type of latching system secures the drawer shut while operating the vehicle without the need to lock and unlock the drawer every time access is needed. During on-duty use this is a real timesaver because the vehicle entry doors can be locked to prevent access to the drawer.

The Tuffy drawer slides have exclusive roller-stop features engineered into the slides to prevent the slides from shifting during normal vehicle operation. Also, the patented Tuffy rotary latch and rubber gasket combination is engineered to prevent any unwanted drawer movement during normal vehicle operation which is the primary cause of rattling and squeaking in competitors metal and wood drawers with metal latches.

When higher security is required, the drawer can be locked as well. All of Tuffy’s drawers and other locking vehicle accessories can be keyed alike with a highly secure 10 Tumbler double bitted key.

This special model includes:
- Pushbutton Combo lock with key override
- 1 Left to right divider
- 1 front to back divider
- carpet on the interior.

Exterior Dimensions: 24"Wide x 64.75" Long x 14" Tall
New, 3 available.

Price: $559.41 

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