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Tuffy Flip up License plate holderCORTEZ, Colo. – From aesthetics to engine performance, there are a lot of reasons why vehicle owners prefer not to equip their vehicles with a front license plate. At this time, however, 31 states, including Colorado, California and Texas, require a front plate, citing public safety and easier vehicle identification as key reasons. Tuffy Security Products solves this issue for Jeep and truck owners with their Flip-up Front License Plate Holder (#189-01). The specialist in providing secure vehicle storage products for outdoor adventurers offers this high-quality solution that satisfies both the state front plate requirements and works on vehicles equipped with a winch.

Tuffy’s Flip-up License Plate Holder enables the front license plate to attach firmly to the winch fairleads and then quickly flip out of the way when the winch is needed. With the Tuffy promise of superior construction, this universal front plate holder is American made of 16-guage steel with a powder coat finish that stands up to hard use while keeping the front license plate in place. Outlasting plastic models with a flimsy clip-on design, the Tuffy Flip-up License Plate Holder is a functional accessory that offers outstanding value and superior engineering for years of reliable use. Its strong construction, theft-deterrent design and good looks complement Jeep, pickup truck and SUV styling.

“With the universal Tuffy Flip-up License Plate Holder, adventure drivers can enjoy their off-the-beaten path experiences and then get right back on the road with their license plate in the stock position with no fuss,” said Chip Olson, marketing director for Tuffy Security Products. “This simple, yet durable product helps off-road enthusiasts meet the state license plate requirement, which we know is a relevant issue in more than half of the U.S.”

 Requiring no drilling or wire ties, the Tuffy Flip-up License Plate holder is sold complete with all of the necessary mounting hardware and works with standard roller-style or hawse winch fairleads. Installation is quick and easy with just a couple of standard tools. And Tuffy’s reliable technical support team is always available to answer questions at (800) 348-8339.


CORTEZ, Colo. – Tuffy Security Products is now offering customers professional installation at the click of a button through a new partnership with Buy It Installed®.  When purchasing high-quality secure vehicle storage products at, customers can click the Buy It Installed button during the check-out process to receive convenient installation of their purchase by a certified professional craftsman. After a purchase is made, a local installer is matched to the service order and will schedule a service appointment within 24 hours after the Tuffy merchandise has shipped.

Buy It Installed is an affordable and convenient installation option that takes the stress out of finding a skilled craftsman. Customers using the option when purchasing Tuffy Security safes, drawers, enclosures and lockboxes will be contacted to schedule hassle-free installation at either their home or office. With the company’s “Total Happiness Guarantee,” they can then relax knowing that a qualified, vetted professional will take care of the job in as little as 1-2 hours on average.

“This new partnership with Buy It Installed is an ideal solution for consumers who rely on e-commerce, yet desire do-it-for-me service,” explained Chip Olson, marketing director for Tuffy Security Products.  “Some of our cargo management offerings, such as our portable lockboxes, do not require any installation.  Even though our other vehicle specific items such as the enclosures, truck bed drawers and under seat lockboxes  mount to existing original equipment points with no drilling requiring, we’re very pleased to now be able to offer Buy It Installed service to give our customers this added installation convenience.”


Locking LId Tuffy Cubby Cover Part 358CORTEZ, Colo. –Tuffy Security Products makes it easy for Jeep owners to upgrade to secure storage with its heavy-duty Locking Lid Cubby Cover for 2018-2021 Wrangler JL (2 Door) and JLU (4 Door) models. Providing concealed and theft-resistant lockable storage, the #358 Locking Lid keeps tools and gear safe.

Components of the durable locking Cubby Cover work seamlessly with the original equipment design of 2018-21 Jeep Wrangler JL models to provide peace-of-mind protection for valuables. Constructed from 1/8-inch thick welded steel mounting plate, the design of the #358 Security Lid uses high-strength materials to protect against opportunistic thieves.  

Tuffy’s Locking Lid Cubby Cover is equipped with the company’s patented rock-solid Pry-Guard locking system with a 10-tumbler double bitted security lock and accompanying key. Compartment contents are further protected by built-in weather seals and a continuous Pin-Lock welded steel hinge that withstands tampering. Tuffy Security Products enhances the #358 locking Cubby Cover for Jeep Wrangler JL models with a durable black powder coat finish that is crack and chip resistant.

Installation of the locking cover is quick and easy using standard hand tools and the supplied grade 8 steel fastening hardware. Adding the Cubby Cover requires no drilling, so in just a few minutes the Tuffy Locking Lid can be installed for added security when storing firearms and other important contents.

“The #358 Locking Lid Cubby Cover is a great upgrade for Jeep Wrangler JL owners that have essential gear that travels with them. Our superior locking system and the welded steel construction take the worry out of storing valuables in the vehicle,” said Tuffy Security Products Marketing Manager Chip Olson. “Tuffy’s superior craftsmanship takes organization and security to the next level so Jeep owners can enjoy the adventure at hand knowing their important items are secure.”

Tuffy for Overlanding

Luck favors the prepared. Louis Pasteur said it – in so many words – more than 150 years ago and it still rings true, especially when it comes to overlanding. From a winch and a shovel to portable power and your favorite fixings for breakfast, hitting the trail prepared for all eventualities helps make the experience a more enjoyable one.

That goes double for the assurance that comes with knowing your more valuable items are secure when you can’t be with them. Smartphones, laptops, camera gear, firearms and important paperwork are all vulnerable to theft when you’re away from your vehicle in remote areas. In fact, personal theft in a vehicle and the determination to combat it is why Tuffy Security Products was founded 30 years ago.

Today, the company offers a variety of in-vehicle secured storage products specifically designed to fit the most popular trucks and SUVs used for off-road excursions. Think of them as personal safes or lockboxes that offer greater theft and tampering protection than the plastic console bins and gloveboxes in today’s vehicles. In fact, most are designed to fit into existing storage spaces such as inside center console bins for a seamless, unobtrusive and stealthy appearance.

Tuffy’s products are made of 16-gauge steel and feature elements such as 1/8-inch welded steel construction in certain areas that not only make them extremely difficult to pry open, but more importantly, serve as a strong deterrent the moment a wilderness ne’er-do-well stumbles upon your vehicle while you’re off hiking. He or she will likely move on quickly after discovering the lock isn’t easy to pick or pry open. 

Security is perhaps the toughest challenge for Jeep Wrangler owners, particularly when enjoying the vehicle with the top removed, and Tuffy has them covered with a number of clever solutions tailored for the unique design features of the different generations. There are conventional console and glovebox inserts, along with tailgate enclosures, cargo floor cubby lockboxes, portable stand-alone lockboxes, and even overhead console and underhood lockboxes. In short, you could turn your Wrangler into a rock-crawling, trail-busting Fort Knox. There’s even a lock system for the door hinges to prevent them from being stolen.

For convenience, most of the Tuffy security products can be keyed for multiple devices, meaning the key to unlock the console box is the same for the glovebox and/or underseat lockbox, etc. Additionally, the installation for most of the products couldn’t be easier. For console boxes, for example, they generally drop in and are located with security fasteners tied in to the lid hinge or other factory fastener location. There is more to it for some products, but compared to lifting a suspension, wiring auxiliary lights or adding a snorkel, it’s about as easy as it gets when it comes to vehicle enhancements and do-it-yourself projects.

It's true that nothing is totally secure, but with tough steel security bins and lockboxes such as those from Tuffy, the deterrent factor increases the safety protection of your valuables exponentially. They offer peace of mind when you’re away from your vehicle and the value of that is incalculable.

7 Things to Be Ready for a Jeep Trail Ride

The militant legend is not about to go down without a fight. Jeep vehicles are more aggressive off-roading than ever. But, you can't just step into the universal model sitting at the showroom in your local Jeep dealer and expect to conquer unlimited terrain in these base models. No, you need to upgrade and modify your Jeep for the particular purpose of off-roading and beating the hard terrain ahead of you. Thankfully, there are several serious mods which will put your Jeep over the top and let you take those Jeep trail rides without worries. And even though you won't have to evade enemy combatants and hidden landmines, you will have plenty of obstacles and desolate environments where injury and death would be a certainty without a solid off-road-ready model.

7 Top Mods for Jeep Trail Rides

#1: A Winch

A winch is that hard-mounted cable spool that has the torque and power to pull your Jeep up out of a ditch and to rescue others stranded on the side of the road. It can also help you clear massive logs out of the way or build the perfect base camp. A winch is an essential part of Jeep security that protects your vehicle from getting stranded in remote areas where a tow truck can't access it. Call on the power of the winch whenever you are in a pinch and you won't be disappointed.

#2: Lift Kits

Although the Jeep Wrangler is already pretty high and has plenty of clearance for the ordinary off-road experience, adding a lift kit is paramount to any serious off-road excursion. No matter how durable your Jeep might be from body armor skid plates to a water-tight snorkel, you can always bottom out and find yourself stranded in situations where a winch might not even be enough. Installing a lift kit puts you on the high road and protects your undercarriage from being twisted into pieces on some crippling debris. And when it comes to lift kits, standard springs are okay. But, if you plan on doing a lot of high-speed off-roading, you might want to invest in a quality set of Jeep coil-overs.

#3: Tailgate Enclosure

In order to maximize space on your off-road experience, it is essential to have a secure locker where you can store all your possessions and not worry about them slipping out or becoming booty for thieves. The single-piece hinged locker made by Tuffy Products is the seamless installation that you need to eliminate rattles and shakes without having to install secure straps and plates to fill out the extra space in your boot. This model works in vehicles with or without subwoofers and promises to keep all your gear firmly held in the Jeep security locker.

#4: Security Deck Enclosure

If you want a tough and secure locker that doubles as a rear deck behind your backseats, then look no further than the Jeep Security Deck Enclosure manufactured by Tuffy Products. This security boot provides an astounding 20,000 cubic inches. This locker works in conjunction with your rear door and only opens when the door is open. It has a steel lid to protect your valuable and does not require any drilling to install.

#5: All-Terrain Tires

If you want to shake things up and climb those rugged hills and deep waterlogged valleys, you need to invest in the right kind of tires. Only quality all-terrain tires will give you the traction and durability that you need to climb over steep rocky faces without blowing out a tire. Gummy and grippy all-terrain tires will allow you to conquer any obstacle without feeling any negative feedback. Quality tires will allow you to glide along the Jeep trail rides like you are floating on clouds of air.

#6: Differential Lockers

A differential locker will lock up the differential to ensure that both wheels are receiving power even if one doesn't have traction. The worst part of off-roading is getting hung up and stuck without any traction. This happens more often in muddy areas when you start sinking in and soon find yourself brainstorming a winch pull-plan to get out. Although limited-slip differentials (LSDs) can also work well in these situations, a differential locker with push-button lockup is sufficient to overcome most situations. A pneumatic differential locker that produces its own compressed air on demand is even cooler.

#7: Rock Sliders and Skid Plates

To get the full protection that heavy off-roading encounters, you should fit your Jeep Wrangler with some sleek and stylish rock sliders. Rock sliders are not only great for keeping those heavy rocks from messing up your sheet metal, but they also come in handy when you want to exit and enter the vehicle with ease. Metal skid plates and body armor are additional upgrades that any serious off-roader should make to build a veritable tank full of endless fun and off-road excitement. In fact, you can opt for aluminum skid plates or steel to protect everything from your gas tank to your oil pan. You can now, for most models, buy full kits or component pieces separately to shore up the transmission, front-end, and/or gas tank.