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Announcing The #TuffySecure Giveaway! What Will You Secure?

We’re excited to announce our #TuffySecure Giveway! We’ve been working hard on this giveaway to thank our current customers, reach new ones, and give away some awesome Tuffy product! This contest will be open starting February 4, 2019 and will run through March 1, 2019. The winner will receive $300 towards a Tuffy product-of-choice!

Enter the #TuffySecure Giveaway, cross your fingers, and hope you get some awesome free Tuffy product. Unfamiliar with Tuffy? Tuffy provides a large variety of security products for a variety of vehicles. Search on our website by product or vehicle and find the perfect fit for you.

What will you secure with Tuffy? Our contest revolves around securing something important to you with a Tuffy product. We can secure a large variety of stuff, including guns, wallets, phones, laptops, and gear. The possibilities are endless. So, get thinking about what you’d like to secure and enter the contest!

To enter, follow this link. Submit a photo and caption of an item you would secure with a Tuffy Security product. Follow the prompts and read the official rules. Contact us with any questions.

The contest will run until March 1. So, don’t forget to apply today! Share with your friends and family and post your photos on social media with the hashtag #TuffySecure. You will receive additional entries for sharing your photos and liking Tuffy on social media. See official contest rules on the contest page. Good luck!

Since 1989, Tuffy Security Products has been a leading provider of secure vehicle storage products for outdoor enthusiasts. Tuffy offers security products for consoles, under seats, trunks, SUV cargo areas, pickup beds – plus laptop security boxes and small lockboxes for pistols and ammunition. Tuffy Security Products is a portfolio company of Kinderhook Industries and a sister company of Bestop, Inc., maker of Jeep and truck soft tops and accessories.

Top Items Stolen From Cars

Car safety is much more than what happens on the road. An unattended car is a huge magnet for thieves. On vacation or parked in your very own driveway, it’s important to learn how to secure your vehicle and what items are prime targets for thieves. Keep reading to learn about some of the top items stolen from cars.

  • Laptops: No surprise such an expansive and transportable item is among the most frequent stolen. Make sure to keep your laptop secured and out of sight. If you need to leave your laptop in the car, a product like our computer security lockbox is a great protection against theft.
  • Wallets and Purses: While this is an easy object to pick up and take with you, sometimes we forget our wallet in the car or can’t carry it with us on a hike, at the beach, or at the gym. A center console lockbox is a good catch-all product that fits your wallet or purse with room to spare.
  • Bags of New Purchases: On an expensive shopping trip and don’t want to leave your valuable purchases in the car unattended? Mall and store parking lots are frequented by opportunistic thieves. Consider adding cargo security to your rig and shop worry free.
  • Car Registration: Your car registration and insurance information can be a powerful tool in the hands of a thief. To avoid headache and the possibility of someone acquiring your car title with these documents, it’s vital to lock up your registration. A simple security glove box will keep your documents safe.
  • Cell Phones: A small but pricey object could easily put you out $1,000 or more if stolen. Protect your phone and private information. There are several options to secure your cell phone, including a security glove box or a center console lockbox.
  • Catalytic Converters: With the prices of precious metal skyrocketing, catalytic converters have become a popular theft item. This item is easy to cut off and steal. Make sure to park in well-lit places, near an entrance, and consider engraving your license plate on your converter. This can help prevent theft and trace the culprit.

Not sure where to start? Contact our security experts at Tuffy and we can help you find the best security products for your rig. With so many vehicle break-ins, the best time to secure your vehicle is before it happens!