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Tuffy products are manufactured by American employees at Tuffy's state-of-the-art plant located in Cortez Colorado. This gives Tuffy the ability to closely monitor the production process ensuring the customer always gets the best product on the market. This strict adherence to the highest quality standards enables Tuffy to back their products with an outstanding warranty which is unsurpassed in the industry.

Tuffy's product designs are engineered and extensively field tested at Tuffy's facility by skilled developers with years of experience. Unlike other "knock off" manufacturers who skip the design step by stealing ideas from other companies then cheapening the product and having it manufactured overseas to maximize their profit.

Cortez is nestled on the edge of the San Juan Mountains and the slick rock desert. Along with its local gems Cortez has arguably the best trails in the world located within a 2 hour radius (Moab, Telluride, Farmington, etc.). This location allows Tuffy employees to field test prototypes, constantly improve existing products through real world use, and develop new useful and unique products through a combination of personal use and collaboration with customers out on the trails.

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At Tuffy, we manufacture extremely heavy duty products in the USA built to withstand a lifetime of abuse!

We all share a common problem, protecting our hard earned valuables. I started this company because I had too many things stolen. I remember walking up to my Jeep finding everything gone. It made me so mad that I wanted to strangle that thief with one of the wires hanging from the dash where my stereo used to be. I am dedicated to designing and manufacturing the best security products on the market.

Every product we manufacture is carefully hand crafted using state of the art computerized machines with tolerances no more than five thousandths of an inch. Each manufacturing step is carefully done by experienced sheet metal craftsmen, from the punching and metal forming to the welding and grinding. Every security lock box we produce is fabricated using heavy duty 16 gauge steel and is then finished with an electronically fusion-bonded epoxy powder coat.

All of our products are thoroughly tested whether it is with a pry-bar on our manufacturing floor, during one of the many four wheel drive events we help sponsor, or expeditions in South America and Mexico like the A.R.E. World Expedition. They have survived the abuse I experienced in Bill Burke's Triathalon including mud holes that could swallow a Jeep, rain, snow and the constant loading and unloading of gear, tools, mountain bikes and a canoe.

I am so confident in our products that I offer a limited lifetime warranty. Tuffy Security Products truly are the toughest lock boxes on the market.